March 8th is International Women's Day

March 8, 2019
Written by: Triangle CREW
(1997 Board of Directors)

March 8th is International Women’s Day. Triangle CREW would like to thank the original Charter Members, who in 1996 decided women in commercial real estate in the Triangle needed to be heard.  You are pioneers and paved the way for all members of Triangle CREW to have a voice and allow us to be heard.
"Prior to the 90s, meeting Triangle women leaders in the many fields of commercial real estate was an inefficient process. A group of Triangle women formed Triangle CREW in 1996 to bring these leaders together. To facilitate national opportunities for its members, TCREW joined NNCREW, a national commercial real estate women's group, in 1997. TCREW has been growing ever since, both in numbers and significance. From member co-winners of NNCREW's prestigious National Networking Award in 1997, through communications and educational programs today, TCREW has been a dynamic resource for synergy, support, and networking for Triangle women in 32 fields of commercial real estate. Members' many resulting connections are emblematic of TCREW's success," notes Charter Member Terri McGaughey.
Our gratitude is extended to our Charter Members:  Kathy Adams, Holly Alderman, Karen Brown, Brenda Compton, Susan Copeland, Emma Davis, Andrea Fulcher, Marian Hale, Robin Hammond, Laura Irvin Kiley, Christine Karasek, donna Kim, Terri McGaughey, Cynthia Rice, Kerry Saunders, Susanne Schneider, Beth Traynham, Karen Williams, and Carter Worthy.