Meet a Member - Lisa Prather

April 14, 2019
Written by: Triangle CREW
Name:                  Lisa Prather
Company:           Xenith Bank, a division of Union Bank & Trust of Richmond, VA
Title:                     SVP, Commercial Banker
When did you join TCREW and in what ways have you been active (i.e. committees, chair positions, etc): I joined TCREW in 2014.  Previously I have been a member of the Champion Awards Committee, the Sponsorship Committee Chair and I am currently Treasurer and Board of Director for 2019.
How has your TCREW membership been impactful in your own personal growth and development?  TCREW is comprised of amazing female leaders in many male-dominated industries.  What has been most impactful for me is to see leaders helping one another to succeed in ways I have not seen in any other organization.  The support I get from my TCREW colleagues is unmatched.
How do you see TCREW impacting the Triangle?  TCREW has continued to grow over the years and continued to give back to the community in which we live.  We have helped build strong leaders in the Triangle and continue to do so.  One example is our newly developed UCREW committee, which introduces college students to the many diverse opportunities in commercial real estate.
How can we, as women in the commercial real estate industry, best make an impact in mentoring the next generation of women in CRE?  As women in the CRE industry, we can continue to lift one another up, connecting people and continuing to build meaningful relationships and develop younger women, exposing them to real opportunities.
Any other words of wisdom that you would like to impart?  I know that when I am called by another TCREW member, I absolutely take the call, knowing I am connecting with another strong woman.