Meet a Member - Danielle Crane

July 7, 2019
Written by: Triangle CREW
Name:                  Danielle Crane
Company:           Roivant Sciences, Inc.
Title:                    Head of Real Estate & Facilities
What is your TCREW Story?  I joined TCREW in 2015. During that time, I have been a member of the Champion Awards Committee as well the Marketing Committee.  While on the Marketing Committee I served as the liaison to the Champion Awards Committee and Committee Chair.  This year I am serving on the Board of Directors as the liaison to the Marketing Committee. 
What is your most significant TCREW connection?   How has your TCREW membership been impactful in your own personal growth and development?  TCREW has been invaluable in my career here in the Triangle.  I moved here 5-years ago and had zero connections.  Thanks to Whitney Rodgers bringing me along to a member luncheon, I ended up meeting Kellie Ford and Anna Lynch – from there my network expanded.  TCREW has provided me the opportunity to meet and network with other women which was something I never did prior to my relocation.  As a result of my involvement in both the organization as a whole and at the committee level, I have developed extremely valuable professional and personal relationships, as well as having had the ability to learn from some of the best and brightest women in the Triangle.  Having these women as mentors has impacted me beyond words.
How do you see TCREW impacting the Triangle?  I feel every time I hear of a new deal or project in the Triangle, somewhere on that team is a member of TCREW.  Beyond the deals, so many of our members are active in our communities through charitable organizations and foundations, mentors or coaches to our young people, or advocates for change within our community and municipalities.  It’s almost not a question of how TCREW impacts the Triangle, it’s more of a statement that TCREW is the Triangle.
How can we, as women in the commercial real estate industry, best make an impact in mentoring the next generation of women in CRE?  I really believe we may be mentoring girls and young women far too late.  I firmly believe that we need to start to talk to our girls about what we do and what they could do as early as 2nd and 3rd grade.  They need to hear that design, engineering, banking, marketing, real estate, law – all of CREW’s core competencies are options for them.  We have a unique platform as women in TCREW to band together and teach our littlest generation what we do and how they can do it too.  It’s never to young to learn about business, the art of making a deal, and entrepreneurship.
What is the best leadership advice you have been given or can give to others?  The best leadership advice I have been given is don’t wait to be invited to the table – tell someone you want the open seat.  We can’t expect that our hard work will always be recognized or rewarded.  Be confident enough in yourself to stand up and say, “this is what I want – don’t preclude me from consideration.”