Meet a Member – Bryan Covington

August 11, 2019
Written by: Triangle CREW
Name:        Bryan Covington, PE
Company: Lynch Mykins Structural Engineers
Title:          Project Engineer
What is your TCREW Story?  (i.e. When did you join TCREW and in what ways have you been active--committees, chair positions, etc)
I joined TCREW in June of 2018, and quickly became a member of the Programs Committee. While on the committee this year, I have led the planning of the August luncheon on RDU’s impact on the Triangle’s economy.
What is your most significant TCREW connection?
Kellie Ford, who was the first to welcome me into the organization and make me feel valued.    
How has your TCREW membership been impactful in your own personal growth and development? TCREW has without doubt, helped me become a better communicator.  It has also been a huge encouragement to me to be surrounded by so many amazing people who have come so far and accomplished so much, and yet remain humble and true to who they are. I feel like I can have genuine conversations about life with any of the friends I have made here.
How do you see TCREW impacting the Triangle?
In a word, Leadership.  TCREW creates an environment where people can come together and spur one another on to realize the fullness of their potential.  Members build one another up. In the year that I’ve been here, I have seen many examples of members taking the strength they gain through the organization and applying it to their work and personal lives, in ways that strengthen and direct others to better places.
How can we, as women in the commercial real estate industry, best make an impact in mentoring the next generation of women in CRE?
Facilitate their growth. Share lessons learned. Share wisdom. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s what we do with those mistakes that matters. Everyone sees your successes and achievements, but they don’t always see the road it took to get there. Tell your story.
What is one goal you would like to achieve through TCREW?
I would love to someday hold a significant leadership position within TCREW.
What is the best leadership advice you have been given or can give to others?
Make sure that everyone who works for you knows that you only want the very best for them. Show them that through word and action. Then they will trust you fully. When they trust you fully, they will follow you fully.