Meet a Member – Kristen Hess

August 11, 2019
Written by: Triangle CREW
Name:        Kristen M. Hess
Company: HH Architecture
Title:          Principal, CEO

What is your TCREW Story? (i.e. When did you join TCREW and in what ways have you been active--committees, chair positions, etc)  
I joined TCREW in April, 2006. I have served on the programs committee and have thoroughly enjoyed putting together the information and content for these meetings.

What is your most significant TCREW connection? How has your TCREW membership been impactful in your own personal growth and development?
Some of the most rewarding TCREW connections have been when I tried to expand real estate connections for HH Architecture. I have found the acumen and expertise of the members to be very beneficial to me and my company.

How do you see TCREW impacting the Triangle?
TCREW is a community with tremendous growth and exponential real estate needs. I love networking with TCREW and the everchanging dynamic market. TCREW lends a healthy group of successful and collaborative women.

How can we, as women in the commercial real estate industry, best make an impact in mentoring the next generation of women in CRE?
I feel we currently do a great job of mentoring. I believe we need to sponsor and champion more women leaders. We should put more women in powerful positions, with reward and recognition for their strengths and accomplishments.

What is one goal you would like to achieve through TCREW?
I would like to continue leveraging the TCREW network to enable me to do more real estate transactions and design more meaningful projects for outstanding clients.

What is the best leadership advice you have been given or can give to others?
The best leadership advice I could offer is to build diverse teams, while contributing to growth in our economy, for the benefit of all. I feel we need to take a strong approach in being inclusive and building diverse teams that reflect the community they serve.