Meet a Member – Cara Greening

September 9, 2019
Written by: Triangle CREW
Name: Cara Greening
Company: Stewart         
Title: Manager, Business Development
What is your TCREW Story?  (i.e. When did you join TCREW and in what ways have you been active--committees, chair positions, etc)
I was invited to a luncheon by one of our amazing TCREW Leaders many years ago, and I loved it immediately. As soon as I was eligible, I joined TCREW (2012). I was on the Champion Awards committee for multiple years before joining the Sponsorship Committee. I chaired the Sponsorship Committee for two years. I have been elected to be a Director on the Board starting in October 2019.
What is your most significant TCREW connection?   How has your TCREW membership been impactful in your own personal growth and development?
Each person I have met in TCREW is amazing in her own right. Surround yourself with greatness—it’s contagious! I have met so many strong women in this organization. They are influential, inspiring, inclusive, and push me to excel.
How do you see TCREW impacting the Triangle?
Margaret Mead is attributed as saying, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”
How can we, as women in the commercial real estate industry, best make an impact in mentoring the next generation of women in CRE?
We must have the courage to push for a diverse perspective in the CRE industry (and the world in general). Those that have made impactful achievements in their field should welcome the leaders of the future, to share insights, to listen, to learn in return. Recently, I heard about reverse mentoring. There is much to learn from the next generation.  Respect all perspectives in this ever-changing world.
What is one goal you would like to achieve through TCREW?
I really want to tap into the experience and expertise represented in TCREW and the CREW Network. I am a life-long learner and my goal is to continue to expand my knowledge, my network, and be an impact on the world.

What is the best leadership advice you have been given or can give to others?
Many live and work with this question in mind, what does “X” need from me? The best piece of advice I received comes from a leadership book I read, with ideas paraphrased here: Live and work with intention. We can make the world better, one person at a time. Be authentic, enjoy the time—it’s a journey. We can make a difference.