Missing Middle Housing

Date April 3, 2019
Location PNC Arena
Time 11:30AM - 1:05PM
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There’s a reason it’s called “missing middle” housing—because it’s missing from our inventory! Granny flats. Duplexes and triplexes. Small apartments. Cottage courts, flag lots. These terms represent the types of housing that used to exist in neighborhoods before the 1950s gave birth to single family zoning. Planners now realize this has contributed to higher housing costs and a lack of supply. The issue is not unique to the Triangle; it’s being hotly debated throughout the country. Minneapolis recently passed the most ambitious upzoning plan in US history. In Washington State, a bill has been introduced in the legislature that requires cities to encourage the construction of granny flats. Join us for a dynamic panel discussion about the ways Durham and Raleigh are reacting to missing middle housing.

Patrick Young, AICP, City of Durham Planning Director
Niki Jones, Assistant Director, Department of Housing and Neighborhoods, City of Raleigh
Tom Anhut, Chair, Triangle Community Coalition
Karen Lado, Assistant Director, Department of Community Development, City of Durham

Roberta Fox, the former Assistant Planning Director, City of Raleigh, Bio

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